Monday, July 16, 2012

Durango Real Estate | Durango Colorado Property

Durango Real Estate | Durango Colorado Property

Durango Real Estate

Durango Colorado is beautiful this summer as we have been blessed with steady monsoons. This Durango Real Estate property is green and lush, we have been putting in new gardens, lawns and a big addition to our irrigation system.

A 2000 gallon Irrigation Cistern with well and pump to this Durango Real Estate

This beautiful Durango Real Estate has had a major upgrade this past month, due to the threat of drought we had a 2000 gallon cistern with an extensive well and pump for it put in. It is awesome as we now have a fresh water filtered irrigation system that we can add fertilizer to 2000 gallons at a time. This is a great advantage when growing plants, lawns and etc as it save a lot of time and everything gets fertilized. We have nearly the whole estate under sprinklers with 3" mainlines.

This is a wonderful piece of Durango Real Estate

Durango Colorado is a wonderful place to live with a climate that is 2nd to none. The rest of the country is once again having bad weather, heat, hurricanes and so on - The weather in Durango has been fabulous with afternoon and/or evening monsoon showers and the weather is fantastic.

This piece if Durango Real Estate is one of the finest properties available in Southwest Colorado if it fit your needs. It is a spectacular location, property layout, scenic views and so on. We invite you to look over this site on what we feel is the best Durango Real Estate property available today!

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