Thursday, June 7, 2012

Silver Rings and Bands | Durango Silver

Silver Rings and Bands

Durango Silver Company has just finished two new informational presentations along with a WordPress located at Silver Rings and Bands | Durango Silver. There are many photos along with great informative text that you will appreciate in you are interested in Silver Rings and Bands.

Silver Rings and Band from the Southwest

Silver Rings and Bands from the Southwest havc a inherent different style. Silver Jewelry started in the American Southwest when the Spanairds came throught this area in search of Silver and Gold. A Navajo named Atsidi Sani learned how to work Silver from the Spaniards in 1865 and so the Silver Jewelry industry began in the Southwest. Silver Rings and Bands were one of the first types of Silver Jewelry the Navajo made, they became a great success with high demand from their people.

Silver Rings and Bands by Durango Silver Company

Durango Silver Company is carrying on the tradition given to us by the Spaniards and the Navajos of the past and it shows in our designs. Check our informational presentation out and also follow the link in the presentation to our Silver Rings and Bands product pages.

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