Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Silver Rings and Bands

Silver Rings and Bands

Silver Rings and Bands are a new found project of Durango Silver Company. We are putting a lot of focus on creating a new line of Silver Rings and Bands that will be a refreshing change in the type of Silver Jewelry coming out of the American Southwest.

Southwestern Silver Rings and Bands

Southwestern Silver Jewelry began in the American Southwest around 1865 when the Spaniards came through the Southwest in search of Silver and Gold. A Navajo Blacksmith by the name of Atsidi Sani learned how to work Silver from the Spaniards and thus began the Silver Jewelry industry in the American Southwest.
The Southwestern Style of Jewelry is known and admired worldwide as being one of the most unique Silver Jewelry styles on earth. We are carrying on the tradition of this great style that has made the Southwest famous in the Jewelry industry with our new Silver Rings and Bands.

Durango Silver Rings and Bands

Durango Silver Rings and Bands are excitingly new age with a taste of the old west. We carry on the traditions of the Southwest and the styles that were handed down to us from our past. We invite you to read our blog as well as our informational pages we have created on Silver Rings and Bands.

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