Monday, August 13, 2012

Artisan Sterling Silver Necklace

Artisan Silver Necklace

This Artisan crafted Sterling Silver Necklace was made in Bali Indonesia in 1994. The Hartman family spent over a month buying some of the best Silver Jewelry being made in the world at that time. Check out this awesome Artisan crafted Sterling Silver Necklace.
This Artisan Sterling Silver Necklace was made in a great time period of Bali Jewelry that is now behind us. Bali Silver is still wonderful Jewelry, however, it will never be the same since Silver has become so valuable.

Artisan Sterling Silver Necklace from Bali

This is a very unique Sterling Silver Artisan Hand Made Necklace that has fantastic Silver work. It was handmade and is vintage and very special - Check it out!

Bali Artisan Silver Necklace and Jewelry from the past

Durango Silver Company still has many great vintage pieces of Silver Jewelry from the past. We invite you to check out this Artisan Sterling Silver Necklace as well as many other pieces we have to offer online.

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