Friday, August 17, 2012

Sterling Silver Earrings by Durango Silver Co.

Sterling Silver Earrings

We have just created a great new page on Sterling Silver Earrings by Durango Silver Co. This page has a lot of good photos and supporting information for each photo. We think you will really appreciate this page and we invite you to check it out!

Sterling Silver Earrings by Durango Silver Company

Durango Silver Company produces and handles a large variety of Sterling Silver Earrings that are artisan created here in the American Southwest. Our specialty is Turquoise set in Sterling Silver as we have been mining, cutting and collecting high quality authentic American Turquoise for over 40 years.
You will love our selection of Sterling Silver Earrings and you will realize right off - our Silver Earrings are absolutely different and truly unusual from others you will find in the marketplace, plus, you can be certain you are getting real gemstones and Sterling Silver used in all of the Silver Jewelry that we handle.

Quality Sterling Silver Earrings

Durango Silver Company handles and produces quality Sterling Silver Earrings that are made with authentic Sterling Silver and genuine gemstones as well as high quality authentic American Turquoise. Our Silver Jewelry is of high quality, most of our designs are one of a kind originals produced here in Durango Colorado or in the immediate area. You will love our quality and you will appreciate that our Jewelry is made in the USA!

We invite you to check out our Sterling Silver Earrings collection.

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